Práxedes disapproves of Chilangos hacen en fila

Seymour is currently taking a break from blogging duties, so Práxedes the baby bull is taking over for him. Here he is:

As you can tell, Práxedes is a bit more jolly than Seymour, his hands on his big belly and a derpy smile always on his face. He tries to find the goodness in every person instead of judging them to filth like Seymour does. However, on Friday, Prax saw something horriBULL that would change him forever.

The baby bull and I were taking a long trip to La Condesa on Friday, about an hour and a half away from where we live. Getting there was no problem; the crowds were manageable, and no one blocked the door out of the Metro, as Chilangos are wont to do.

But on way back, Prax and I encountered something completely unexplainaBULL; we had heard fables of its occurrence, but had never witnessed it for ourselves. Scroll down if you want to see something more inexplicaBULL than God, the Loch Ness monster, and Katy Perry’s popularity:

There are 6 turnstyles open. All the Chilangos are lining up to go through one. Then, when they reached the other side, they ran for the rapidly departing train. Poor Práxedes didn’t understand.

Why do Chilangos love lines so much? After all, this not the first time we’ve witnessed something like this. If he ever goes to college, Práxedes plans on perhaps writing his thesis studying the fascinating behavior of Chilangos. But for now, we just avoid the lines for maximum convenience.